Monday, July 23, 2007


Oh with my older brother. He said that I would get an a allowance of $500.00. Ok that is fine.

I just wish he would just call me on his own. Not me calling him.

Well ok that is fine with me.

Now for my twin.

I hate how he preaches at me.

I have DSL.  I have set it all wrong and I have to turn the dsl off to use in order to use my land phone.

I told him that I don't answer my land line anyway.

That I use my cell phone. Oh how he ranted about that "Oh that cost money. " SO.

That is why I use the cell phone.

OOOOh that is it.

I'm not a baby that is the way I feel like with my twin he treats me like that A BABY.

As for my older brother I'll give him a week. This Friday.

Then I'll call him

I must get over this and get my life and soul together.


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