Sunday, August 19, 2007


I must put this down; How I started to lose the weight:

It was February 2004.

One day it just snapped and I made the decision to start walking. At first I walked from the bus stop to work. That was way to much. I had to stop every block to catch my breath.

Then I start to walk up and down my street up for 15 min down for 15 min.

I also got a video tape called Body Flex. Which are exercise you do in a chair with arms.

That helped too.

The next thing I got was Dr. Phils weight loss book. I removed all the white refine foods. Got in whole wheat stuff. Fruit & Vegetables. Drink a lot of water with Ice.

also portion my food eat small meals.

I think the most important tool is a pedometer. You must have one.

Right now I can't think of anymore to say, but I do gain some two to three pounds. When that happens I get right back on wagon. I check to see what I have eaten then stop it and eat the right stuff.



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