Monday, August 20, 2007


I don't know what going to happen today at work. I just keep my mouth shut and not say anything.

If I do say something I get into trouble. So zip the mouth shut.

So I'll let you know what happen.

Time: 5:10 pm

What a day. I just hate Mondays. There this customer is a pain We have two ways for our elderly customer to get a drink. One is to get a free 12ounce cup or get a Seinor discout not both.

Well I gave her a Seinor discount. The last time I gave her a senior drink 12 ounce. She complain abaout that.

Well she complained about the discount. She a whole lot of food and that kind of wipe out the discount I think.

Next time I'm giving her a choice.

My boss took the phone and talked to her Yes she called to talk to me about it. I did What I was told to do.

Oh I locked myself out of my apartment this morning. I have to set I keep one on my bag and one in my pocket attached to a belt loop.

I don't know what I was thinking about. I guess to catch the bus or something.

Now I'm home

Have a nice evening


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