Sunday, November 12, 2006

A new journal

I lost my old Journals.

Darn but I always can create a new ones.

A lot has happen the last month also this month.

Last month I landed in the hospital.

With a migraine a real bad one that they put me in the hospital.

Gave me all kids of tests just to check for a stroke.

I didn't have one.

Now my sister in-law had a stroke is somewhat recoverd from that, but now she has stomach leasions.

Had three operations for it.

My mother was in the hospital also for some medication problem.

Now my father is in the hospital for what I don't know.

What a month

Have a nice day


sweetlips8016 said...

Kathijane everything will get better.  I will pray for you and for your family.  Take care.

emmi2sweet said...

Glad to see you have a new journal. I missed reading your other one. I hope your family gets well soon. Emmi

kspiritwmn said...

dang Kathijane, did you take over MY black cloud????  I have to say that, except for the Disability office wanting me to pay back 12,000.00 and the speeding ticket I just got, life has been pretty good in my part of the it's only money right????  I am looking forward to Christmas but stressing on how to give everyone just the right gift and finding the money to get it for them....I am going to participate in a craft sale at the Welfare Office on the 30th...I am selling jewelry...I hope I sell lots and lots!!!  I have something like 500-700 pieces to sell...also I have another 100-200 pieces coming I should have a very nice selection...

Well, have a great night!  Take care!  Kathy