Sunday, November 26, 2006


Well things just happen.

Tuesday I fainted. I knew what it was.

I had a glaring thing happening in my left eye blurry too.

I began to feel dizzy and sick to my stomach.

I knew then what it was.

I called my boss over and told her I wasn't feeling well.

She got someone to take over for me.

The thing was I was trying to help a customer. I couldn't.

so I went outside trying to get fresh air.

The thing is I was so dizzy that I whent forward,and the next thing I found myself laying in the parking lot

Between the going forward and laying in the parking lot I don't remember anything.

I was taken to the emergency.

My brother was contacted.

Ok what it was High blood surgars and low blood pressure.

I know better I knew what I should do.

After the hospital stay.

Every thing went downhill. I wasn't keeping an eye on my carbs.

Now I know I've always known what to do, Just wasn't doing it.

Now I'm down in the 100s the only highs are up to lower 200s.

I keep an on going check on my blood surgars.

If it gets to high like 212 or so I cut out eating for awhile and check again.

If I feel hungery I try to ingnore if it don't stop I'll eat some fruit or vegetables.

Ok I could go on and on.

For now I'll stop here.

So have a nice day

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